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    Rocksolid Mouthguards are designed specifically for high performance. We play the same sport you do and we understand what you want in a mouthguard. Perfect, comfortable, protection!

    Our promise is to deliver a mouth guard that fits perfectly! You’ll be able to speak clearly to your teammates during the heat of battle and your breathing won’t be obstructed as it is with that glob of plastic you’re currently wearing.

    Simply put, mouthguards have evolved and Rocksolid Custom Mouthguards handcrafts the finest available.

    Snap one on and you’ll be protected when needed most.

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    Product Description

    While all custom mouthguards are better than their boil and bite cousins, even in the world of “custom,” all mouthguards are definitely not created equal. In fact, three of the most important points to consider when selecting a mouthguard are:

    How’s it made?
    What’s the thickness?
    How does it fit?

    Now it’s time for some good ‘ole mouthguard education (unless you want to end up with an inferior product, we recommend you keep reading).

    For starters, there are two primary fabrication methods for how custom mouthguards are made. These are the mouthguards that you either get from a dentist, or from a mail-in order service, and are made by using either a vacuum machine, or with thermal pressure and high heat from a direct impression of the athlete’s own (teeth) bite.

    1. The vacuum method (aka The Suck Down)

    This method is commonly used in dental offices. The process works like this:

    -On an inexpensive machine, a piece of plastic is (warmed) heated until soft

    -Using the suction machine, it is vacuum formed (sucked down) over a model of a patient’s teeth

    It’s a simple process, and in theory works much better than traditional over-the-counter mouthguards, such as boil and bites. However, it does come with a few drawbacks:

    -Many athletes who have gotten mouthguards formed in this manner complain of them fitting loosely, being too thin in (critical) certain areas, and not providing adequate protection during training and/or games.

    -Secondly, these types of mouthguards are extremely expensive (dentists charge several hundred dollars for this service) and they tend to lose their shape over an extended period of time.

    2. The Thermal Pressure and High Heat Method (The Impact Way – Our Method)

    While the vacuum method is superior to most other options, we use the best method of fabricating custom mouthguards available today, and that is via high heat and thermal pressure method. Here is how it works in a nutshell:

    First, using the Super Simple Fit Kit we provide, each athlete provides us with a dental-grade impression of their teeth. With this in hand, we build an exact model of the mouth.
    The model is precisely placed into one of our presses and multiple layers of EVA mouthguard material are laminated and hand cut. Each done one at a time.
    The Impact way ensures that during production, the mouthguard material is pushed right down into the cracks and crevices of your specific dentition. This attention to detail provides a guard that locks into place – perfectly comfortable.

    Additionally, since our mouthguards are formed with a laminate pressure process, we are able to achieve a consistent, desirable level of thickness specific to the sport you are participating in.

    Why is Pressure Better?

    In order to be most effective, a mouthguard needs to be comfortable to wear and stay in place when the big hit comes. Impact handcrafts each and every guard to fit perfectly and they are fabricated in a manner which provides for a thin profile with consistent desired thickness for each sport. Our pressurized method really excels in helping our craftsmen deliver a guard that athletes love to wear.

    Not only that, our technology and perfect fit result in a guard that, with proper care, lasts and lasts. No need to worry about your Impact guard losing shape.

    Now a Few Words about Thickness

    According to the Academy of Sports Dentistry position on mouthguards, an athlete’s mouthguard should have a thickness of at least 3mm in the occlusal/labial area (source: http://www.academyforsportsdentistry.org/position-statement).

    At Impact Mouthguards, we’ve developed a system where we match each athlete with the ideal mouth piece they will need for a particular sport based on thickness. Rest assured, you will get the best mouthguard on the market for your sport, and we stand by it. Many of our mouthguards exceed the minimal thickness standards, without being bulky, or dampening performance in any way.

    In fact, our guards, with their perfect fit, will allow your athlete to breathe easy, communicate clearly on the field, and even hydrate with it in place. These attributes will positively effect performance on the court and consistently improve the way your Impact athlete plays.

    Additional Information

    Weight 1 lbs
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